About Morden Fireworks

Fireworks retailers to public and trade selling quality fireworks for almost 40 years from the same location, relying upon repeat customers. Open all year!

London’s Original All Year Round Firework Shop. Our shop has been selling quality fireworks for 30 years! Unlike the temporary shops that pop up a week before Bonfire night and close up before you light the fireworks, we only sell the best fireworks as we rely on repeat business, not a quick one-off sale.
Ask anyone local and most will have experience of our fireworks, we pride ourselves in supply many of the borough and surrounding area displays including Scouts / Guides groups, Churches, Sports Clubs, Schools, etc.
We sell small garden box selections and sparklers, all the way up to the large crowd-pleasing multi-shot cakes. We’ve fired all our fireworks, so know exactly what they do and what will suit your requirements based upon the size of the area, budget, and audience.

We have in-store touch screens so you can see before you buy to ensure you know the effect you are buying.
We are licensed to sell ALL year-round, unlike our competitors who only are allowed a three-week license.