New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2019

Happy New Year 2019

The busiest time of the year for us with all customers wanting to let their fireworks off on the same day. We have some spectacular crowd pleasers, but do visit us early as we are limited to the quantity of explosives we are permitted to store. When fireworks are as good as the ones that we sell, each one uses up a lot of the authorised storage. We regular deliveries we are quickly turning around the stock to ensure we have the widest selection in the borough, but also the…

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Iranian Fire Festival


Kal Char Shenba is the last Wednesday* of the old winter, on this day every family builds a fire in front of their house, and every member of the family jumps over it while saying “Burea Qa o Biyea Shadi”, bidding sadness to go and joy to stay. The last Tuesday night of the Iranian year known as Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Chahār shanbé Sūrī – usually pronounce Chārshambé-sūrī), the eve of which is marked by special customs and rituals, most notably jumping over fire. On the eve of last Wednesday…

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